As your BUYING REALTOR® my commitment to you as your buying agent does not change in as far as providing you with the highest level of service. Protecting your best interest is my utmost priority.

  1. To perform my duty with all honesty and exercise care and skill.
  2. To provide assistance in gettingPRE-QUALIFICATION from lending institutions.
  3. To search for properties to view in accordance to the requirements and budget discussed.
  4. Provide confidential advice on any or all relevant matters and act in impartial, objective manner
  5. Disclose information that will be important prior to making an offer most esp. material defects in the seller’s property.
  6. Help negotiate and draft favorable terms.
  7. Recommend relevant ‘‘experts’’ (appraisers, surveyors, inspectors) who will help determine structural soundness of the subject property.
  8. Present, in a timely manner, all offers, counter-offers, impt. docs.
  9. Convey in a timely manner all information that party wishes to have communicated
  10. Keep you fully informed regarding the progress of the transaction